Travel to Zanzibar - A beach paradise

Travel to Zanzibar - A beach paradise

Have you dreamed of traveling to Zanzibar? Now you have the option of a group trip from us at Travel with friends and other like-minded people to the beach paradise in Africa. This tour will first take you to mainland Tanzania, before you will fly over to Zanzibar for various activities and a relaxing beach life. Further down you can read about Zanzibar, why we have planned the trip and our tips for traveling to Africa.

This is Zanzibar

Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, is a paradise for backpackers seeking a unique and exciting travel experience. The island has a rich cultural life, beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife and a history that spans several centuries.

Zanzibar is known for its rich culture and history, with influences from Arabs, Indians and Europeans. On the island you can experience this through the local food, architecture and colorful markets. Take a trip to Stone Town and explore the narrow streets and narrow alleys. Visit the famous Darajani Market Square and experience the vibrant life of Zanzibar's streets. Here you can buy everything from fresh fish to spices, fabrics and local craft products.

On holiday in Zanzibar you can go to fantastic beaches, which offer crystal clear water and soft, white sand. Popular beaches such as Nungwi and Kendwa have a lively nightlife and are perfect for sunset drinks or a night under the stars. For those who want a more relaxing experience, the beaches in the southern part of the island, such as Paje and Jambiani, offer peaceful surroundings and opportunities for relaxation.

Zanzibar also has fantastic wildlife with dolphins, turtles and countless numbers of colorful fish in the crystal clear waters. Diving and snorkelling are popular activities and there are many diving schools and tour operators offering trips to some of the best spots in the area. A trip to Zanzibar is not complete without tasting the local food, which is a mixture of African, Arabic and Indian flavours. Try the local food such as pilau, biryani or Zanzibar pizza. You can also visit one of the many seafood restaurants along the coast and enjoy fresh fish and shellfish.

In short, Zanzibar is an unforgettable destination that offers a unique travel experience for backpackers. From the beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife, to the rich culture and history. You will surely have memories for a lifetime after visiting this amazing island.

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This is how the holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar will be arranged

  • Day 1 - Welcome to Tanzania! On arrival at the airport, you will be met by your own personal guide who will transport you to the hotel. After a long flight, it's time to relax and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Day 2 - The day begins with a trip to a coffee farm, where you will learn about the process of growing and making coffee. Then we will visit a beautiful waterfall where you can take great photos and enjoy the wonderful nature. After the tour, we will return to the hotel for a relaxing evening.
  • Day 3 - We will drive to Mto wa Mbu to visit a traditional village and learn about the culture and lifestyle of the area. We will then continue to Simba Campsite in Ngorongoro National Park, where you will stay in tents and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.
  • Day 4 - It's time for a safari in the Ngorongoro Crater, which is home to a large variety of wild animals, including lions, elephants and zebras. After an exciting day of animal safari, we will drive to the Serengeti National Park.
  • Day 5 - We will start the day early with a delicious breakfast before going on a full day of safari in the Serengeti National Park. This is one of the most famous national parks in Africa and a must-see for anyone visiting Tanzania. Here you can see the famous migration of wildebeest and zebra, and a number of other fascinating animals such as lions, elephants, buffaloes and leopards. Our experienced guide will ensure that you see as much as possible of the wonderful wildlife in the park.
  • Day 6 - After breakfast at our campsite in the Serengeti, we will continue to a Maasai village. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Maasai culture and see how they live. You will be given a tour of the village and meet some of the local residents. Afterwards, we will continue to Lake Eyasi, where we will spend the night in a lodge by the lake.
  • Day 7 - Today we will visit the Hadzabe tribe, one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in the world. This is a unique experience where you will see how they live and hunt in nature. You will also learn about their culture and traditions from a local guide. After the visit, we will return to the hotel, where the rest of the day will be free to relax or explore the area on your own.

The holiday continues to Zanzibar

  • Day 8 - Today we travel on to Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. We take a flight to the island and arrive in Stone Town. Here we check into the hotel and have the rest of the day free to explore the city on our own.
  • Day 9 - Today we will experience and explore Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. This is an exciting city full of history and culture. We visit famous landmarks such as the House of Wonders, the Sultan's Palace and the busy fish market. We also take a boat trip to the prison island of Changu Island, where you can see and feed the large turtles that live there.
  • Day 10 - Today there will be snorkeling all day. We take a boat trip out to one of the islands around Zanzibar, where we snorkel in crystal clear water and see the wonderful marine life that lives there. We also enjoy a delicious lunch on the beach and relax in the beautiful landscape.
  • Day 11 - After breakfast we go to Kendwa, one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. Here we take a spice tour and learn about the many different spices that grow on the island. Afterwards we visit a monkey forest and see the curious monkeys that live there.
  • Day 12 - Today you have a whole day to snorkel and swim at Kendwa Beach. You can also participate in optional activities such as paddleboarding or kayaking.
  • Day 13 - Today you finally have a well-deserved day off after all the excitement and adventure you have experienced in Tanzania. Enjoy your day in Zanzibar and choose from a wide range of optional activities such as water sports and skydiving. Feel the adrenaline pumping when you jump into the clear water, or take it easy with a relaxing day at the beach. It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to spend this free day!
  • Day 14 - Today we visit the wonderful turtle reserve in Nungwi, where you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful creatures up close. This is an incredible experience that should not be missed. After the visit to the reserve, you have the rest of the day free to explore Zanzibar on your own. Explore local markets, enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach or take a trip to one of the many eateries serving delicious local cuisine.
  • Day 15 - Today we take a trip back to historic Stonetown, where we will be immersed in the island's rich culture and history. Explore the narrow alleys and winding streets of this beautiful city and be mesmerized by the vibrant atmosphere of Darajani Market. Enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the authentic eateries and let yourself be seduced by the charming and unique charm of this vibrant city.
  • Day 16 - Now the time has come to say goodbye to Tanzania and Zanzibar, but we take with us the memories of the wonderful experiences and adventures we have had with us for the rest of our lives. Our guide will accompany us to the airport for the return journey, and we can look back on an unforgettable journey that has given us memories for a lifetime. We hope that the trip has been fantastic, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Tanzania again one day!

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Here are our tips before you travel to Zanzibar

Before you go to Zanzibar, we have some tips for you, so that you can prepare and get the most out of your trip.

  1. Check visa requirements - Most travelers must apply for a visa before traveling to Zanzibar. Be sure to check the visa requirements well in advance of your departure to avoid unforeseen problems upon arrival.
  2. Pack light - Zanzibar has a hot and humid climate all year round, so it is important to pack light and airy clothes. Also remember to pack sunscreen, mosquito repellent and other necessary equipment.
  3. Learn some basic phrases - Although English is widely spoken in Zanzibar, you may want to learn some basic Swahili phrases before you travel. It will help you communicate better with the local people and show that you respect their culture.
  4. Respect the culture - Zanzibar is a conservative Muslim society, so it is important to respect local dress codes and cultural norms. Take off your shoes when entering a house or temple, and cover your shoulders and knees when visiting public places.
  5. Be careful with food and drink - Be careful with what you eat and drink in Zanzibar to avoid stomach problems. Drink only bottled water and avoid food from fast food joints and unsafe sources.
  6. Plan Activities in Advance - There are many things to see and do in Zanzibar, so you may want to plan your activities in advance to get the most out of your vacation. Talk to local tourist agencies or hotels for tips and recommendations on what to do on the island.

These were our 6 tips before you go to Zanzibar. Remember that you can ask us anything if you have any questions or want more tips before you travel. We are ready to help you before an unforgettable trip to Zanzibar and Tanzania!

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