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The team at Backpacker consists of a small handful of travel enthusiasts who, with a beating heart for adventurous, safe and memorable experiences abroad, and a burning desire to be able to offer just this - have specialized in group travel around the world. Our tours are tailor-made and ensure experiences together with fellow travelers, in a safe environment, that will stay with you for life - whether you want to enjoy tropical beaches, busy cities, white mountain peaks or jungles and safaris.

Our close collaboration with our local and hand-picked partners facilitates a trip with immediate access to authentic culture, culinary experiences and many more memorable moments. And we at Backpacker are of course with you. All the way from the time you plan your trip from the corner of the sofa or the school desk, until you are safely back home - with your backpack and heart full of happy backpacker memories and with a bunch of new friendships.

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